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The official digital currency of the Principality of Seborga, the LuiginoCoin, has the innovative feature unlike all other digital currencies on the world market (except Amazonascoin and ATMCash) to use a revolutionary algorithm allowing mining with a very low carbon footprint.

Indeed the technological innovation and the particularity of its exploitation, allows an eco-contribution by using a world network of simple computer processors CPU or GPU and the free space of the hard disk of your personal computer.
The mining of conventional digital currencies is said to consume a lot of energy by using very powerful servers and complex administration, thus excluding its access to the general public.

On the other hand, that of LuiginoCoin is a revolutionary process which exploits your personal processor at the rate of approximately 30 seconds every 4 minutes, with barely more energy than when your computer remains on in standby.

The luiginoCoin, supranational digital currency therefore represents an environmental revolution in this cutting-edge sector of the international digital economy.


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