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Seborga Digital Bank is the official cryptocurrency bank of the Nation State of the Principality of Seborga. This simple, yet powerful, application allows the user complete control over a variety of financial services. Buy the official currency of Seborga, the Luigi, (stable coin) or the speculative cryptocurrency of the Nation State, the SPL – LuiginoCoin, receive payments in crypto currency, manage transactions and hold your savings.

The bank is available to citizens of all nationalities, and registration is easy and quick. There are no recurring fees and the app is completely free to use. Our ecosystem is completely decentralized, which means Seborga Digital Bank does not have custody of your assets, giving the user complete control over their currencies and ensuring a safe environment.

SDB uses a native blockchain system, using a state-of-the-art proprietary consensus algorithm that ensures thousands of transactions per second, with instant confirmation. This blockchain is completely interoperable with Ethereum, Hyperledger and other popular systems.

The current release of Seborga Digital Bank consists of:

  • Non-custodial, multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Worldwide FIAT on-ramp by credit card and boleto (where available);
  • Purchase of SPL (LuiginoCoin) and LUI (Luigi);
  • Cryptocurrency swaps, allowing conversion between several currencies;
  • Send and receive assets directly to your wallet, with no middleman;
  • Merchant QR code, allowing the user to charge customers in SPL by scanning the code;
  • Personal profile with KYC (Know your customer) integrated;
  • Dashboard with transaction history.

More services coming in August …

For more information: see the website Pop Blockchain

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