The Principality of Seborga informs that these regulations will be functional after validation of the sovereignty of the territory.

The DF-DTPS is in charge of the assessment, recovery and control of the taxes and duties in force in the Principality of Seborga, according to the established development policy (Decree D-2016/03-02 of 18 March 2018 establishing the Bureau of the Free Zone ).

Its missions apply to:

  • road rights ;
  • tax stamps and the collection of the corresponding duties;
  • transfer rights for movable or immovable property, inheritance tax or gift;
  • rights in the acts of companies;
  • lease rights.

In addition, the Department of Taxation manages the land advertisement:

  • Transcription of real estate transfer acts and registration of liens and mortgages
  • Issuance of copies of deeds and certificates of immovable property and consultation of records of transcripts and registrations.

In addition, the DF-DTPS is also in charge of:

  • The management, control and recovery of the Income Tax (IB):

– The application of the rules
– Monitoring the declarative and contributory obligations of companies.

  • The management of returns of remuneration paid to persons domiciled abroad for tax purposes.
  • The management of the payment declarations of the products of securities and movable capital.

With regard to the Régie, the Tax Department of the Treasury Department is responsible for:

  • Basis, control and collection of duties on alcoholic beverages, tobacco and liquids;
  • Rights related to the ecology of transport vehicles;
  • The application of legislation and the recovery of rights in precious stones or metals.

In the area of ​​intra-community VAT and VAT, the Tax Department of the Treasury Department is in charge of managing:

    • insurance agreements;
    • activities carried out in the sovereign territory of the Principality by foreign companies;
    • acquisitions of vehicles from abroad.

The Taxation Department of the Treasury Department centralises and processes the declarations and secure payment of taxes online via its website, and provides taxpayers with administrative assistance in tax matters.

Finally, the Taxation Department of the Treasury Department is authorized to issue certificates of residence, certificates of residence and residence certificates after death.

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