Under the High Authority of S.A.S. Prince Nicolas Ist, the Treasury Department, the Economic and Budgetary Policy of the Independent and Independent Digital Sovereign Principality of Seborga.

Its missions revolve around a wide range of skills. The Treasury Department prepares and establishes the state budget.
She advises the government on economic policies and public policies in the financial, social and sectoral areas. The Directorate of Treasury and Financing of the Economy and Institutions in Insurance, Banking and Investment in Financial Markets and State Debt.

It provides financing to credit institutions under existing international agreements and commitments of Seborga and ensures the sound management and smooth running of its transactions worldwide. The Treasury Department participates in bilateral and multilateral financial and trade negotiations, and accompanies development assistance from the Seborgian Development Agency (ASD).

A major player in foreign trade and industry, it provides support for the export and investment abroad of companies.

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